Superannuation & Rollover Advice Lithgow


The easiest and best way to prepare for Retirement is to spend time managing your superannuation now, it’s never too late. We’re here to help you.

Making small changes can really boost your balance so you can enjoy a better retirement, it’s something we can all do – it’s that easy.

Having more than one superannuation fund is expensive and inefficient.
We take the time to consolidate them into one easy to manage fund so you save on fees and invest in a portfolio tailored for you, not just a “Default Portfolio”.

Wollemi Wealth Management focus on growing your superannuation, reducing fees, maximising performance and share any news or tips we think will provide you with a better lifestyle in retirement.

Our advisers research your current super funds, compare fees, see if you’re invested in the right portfolio, recommend insurances best suited your situation and advise you on making contributions to minimise tax and boost your balance. Having up-to-date beneficiaries is also very important and an area that is often overlooked.

Get on top of your financial future with our expert super advice.