Retirement Planning Advice in Lithgow


Planning your retirement is a conversation many clients don’t consider until they reach their mid fifty’s.
If you are retired or approaching retirement, having a Financial Plan in place will remove the stress and confusion of transitioning from working so you can retire, to enjoying that well deserved retirement.

The process of converting your superannuation into a pension is a tax effective strategy many retirees use to transition to retirement.

Wollemi Wealth Management walk you through the process, explain the benefits available and together we implement the retirement plan.

Our strategies include:

Converting your superannuation to pension – If you are age 60 and over, your pension income payments, investment earnings and any lump sum withdrawals are all tax-free.
Provide you with a Fixed Income Stream so you can have certainty of income in retirement.
Calculating Centrelink Aged Pension entitlements to supplement your Retirement Income
Assisting you apply for the Aged Pension and the Seniors Card with Centrelink

Get prepared for retirement with our expert financial advice.